About us

We have an innovative spirit and an ambitious goal: Build at a revolutionary price whilst being socially and environmentally responsible.

To build a house is often a life project, a personal goal. Buying a home of “good quality” with a “normal” budget is becoming more and more difficult. With MUROBLOK SYSTEM ® this becomes a reality.

MUROBLOK SYSTEM ® uses a concrete construction system with expanded polystyrene formwork blocks. This system allows for exceptional insulation and solidity, which is reflected in a high saving of energy, construction time and construction costs.

With knowledge, experience and dedication, we have the solution to make your project a reality.

MUROBLOK SYSTEM ® is the “turnkey” alternative

We design houses and build them using the highly efficient MUROBLOK SYSTEM ® materials. Our construction method, used in several European countries for over 40 years, is optimized and efficient allowing us to comply with defined budgets and deadlines. By interacting directly with our customers, we create the best quality living space adapted to each lifestyle for a fraction of the price.

Our houses are ahead of their time, consuming very little energy, at a time when protecting our planet is a priority!


A partnership with you in mind

EUROMAC 2 is a European leader in structural materials for passive construction. Ranked among the 60 best French SMEs in the segment, the group has around 100 employees across the country. For more than 40 years, the company has completed 20,000 projects and participates in nearly 1,000 projects each year.
EUROMAC 2 is the construction solution that offers the best energy and thermal performance.


• We find the ideal terrain for you.

• We design according to your needs.

• Free quotations.

• Guaranteed prices and terms.

• Documentation and administrative permissions included in the final price.

• Turnkey construction.

• After sales service.