Ecology and environmental protection are the big challenge today

Housing is responsible for more than 40% of global warming.

By building your new home with MUROBLOK SYSTEM ® insulating materials you will be actively contributing to the reduction of pollutant gas emissions. The production of MUROBLOK SYSTEM ® insulating materials is particularly clean, as it generates very little CO².

The MUROBLOK SYSTEM considerably reduces CO² production and energy consumption.

The MUROBLOK SYSTEM ® ensures the elimination of thermal bridges and moisture infiltrations, providing high performance and comfort housing.

The “thermal bridges” are the places where heat passes through a building. To maintain the comfort of a dwelling it is important that the heat be kept outdoors during summer and indoors during winter. If the insulation is not airtight or does not cover 100% of the surface of the dwelling (walls, doors, windows, cover and floor) energy is wasted, which is reflected in high costs of heating and cooling, with very significant economic and environmental consequences

MUROBLOK SYSTEM ® is the guarantee of living in a more pleasant home, with a constant average temperature in all seasons and making significant energy savings.

Lower energy bills

Significant energy savings can be made with MUROBLOK SYSTEM ® insulation materials. With our system, your heating bill in the winter and air conditioning costs in the summer are significantly reduced. The average energy expenditure of a home with our building materials is estimated at € 1 / m² per year. By being able to use simple heating and ventilation solutions, without complex systems to maintain or replace, it further reduces the cost of running our homes.

Unmatched comfort

What makes the difference between a house built by MUROBLOK SYSTEM ® and a house of traditional construction is the incomparable comfort it provides thanks to the average and uniform temperature during all seasons. With a MUROBLOK SYSTEM ® house, the temperature differences between the different areas of the house are eliminated together with condensation and mold. Living in a house built by MUROBLOK SYSTEM ® means enhancing air quality, without any humidity (without the risk of mold) and without any volatile organic compounds (VOCs).