The Passive House

A Passive House is a house that uses very little energy and recycles that which it produces.

A Passive House is a house that uses very little energy and recycles that which it produces.
Thanks to the performance of its thermal insulation, its mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, its airtightness, and the contributions of solaire energy, it maintains a mild ambient temperature throughout the year. For example, a passive house, harnesses the heat produced by the occupants, the domestic appliances and sun light to maintain the temperature of  the home. A busy and well-insulated building produces enough heat that it only requires a small amount of domestic heating or cooling to maintain the daily comfort of its occupants.

The criteria developed by the “Passivhaus Institute for the Certification of Passive Homes” are very strict: heating or cooling consumption of less than 15 kWh/m2 per year and an airtightness n50 below 0.6 air changes per hour.


Advantages of passive housing

Ecology in everyday life

Ecology and environmental protection are the greatest challenge of this century; buildings alone are responsible for more than 40% of global warming! Aim for zero consumption, thanks to the passive house! When building your new home with MUROBLOK SYSTEM ® insulating materials, you are participating in an ecological and socially responsible approach. In the civil construction sector, the passive house is the one that generates the least greenhouse gas emissions! It allows a considerable reduction in CO² production and energy consumption and a healthy atmosphere without humidity.

Elimination of thermal bridges or heat leakages

For you, it is the guarantee of living in a more pleasant home, of having an inner well-being with a constant average temperature in all seasons.

Reduced energy bills

Thanks to the passive house, significant energy savings can be achieved. Save considerably on your heating bill in winter and on the costs of air conditioning in summer. It is estimated that the average energy expenditure of a passive house using our building materials is 1 euro/m² per year. The use of simple heating and ventilation solutions, without complex systems to maintain or replace, further reduces the running costs of a passive house.